Import olive oil qualification and import customs clearance

      I. qualifications required by domestic olive oil import companies:

      1. The business license shall include the business scope of food sales;

      2. Food business license;

      3. Import and export right (customs e-port safe procedures of the commerce bureau);

      4. Record of the consignee and consignor of imported food;

      5. Automatic import license (submit for the record of bulk agricultural products first, and apply for import license in the commerce bureau)

      Ii. Information to be provided for customs clearance of olive oil import:

      1. Official certificate of origin of the producing country

      2. Official hygiene certificate of the producing country

      3. Ingredient list;

      4. Manufacturer's filling date certificate

      5. 5 original packing label samples

      6. Original package Chinese label translation

      7. Invoice, packing list, contract and customs declaration power of attorney

      8. Automatic import license

      9. Registration number of the consignee for imported food

      10. Label of imported food;

      11. Other relevant information;

      Iii. Olive oil import process

      1. Handle the record of the importer and consignor of imported food in advance;

      2. Designed Chinese labels and handled Chinese label reports;

      3. Prepare the foreign documents before the goods arrive at the port;

      4. Apply for automatic import license in advance;

      5. When the goods arrive at the port, change the order;

      6. Customs declaration, tax payment, customs inspection and release;

      6. Customs commodity inspection warehouse, commodity inspection inspection and sampling test;

      7. After passing the test, paste the Chinese label and CIQ;

      8. Inspection shows that the Chinese label is correct, and the inspection releases the goods to the customer

      Iv. Import customs code and tariff of olive oil

      1. The virgin oil olive oil (without chemical modification) shall be included in the tax code of 150910000, with the tariff of 10% and VAT of 9%;

      2. The refined oil and olive oil and its separation products (including separation products of virgin oil and olive oil, but without chemical modification) are classified into the tax code of 1509900000, with the tariff rate of 10% and the value-added tax rate of 13%;

      3. Other olive oil and its isolates (whether refined or not, but not chemically modified) are included in the tax code of 1510 million, with a tariff of 10% and a value-added tax of 13%.

      V. olive oil import declaration elements:

      1. Product name;

      2. Brand type;

      3. Degree of processing [without chemical modification];

      4. Packaging specifications;

      5. Brand;

      6, GTIN;

      7, CAS

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