Yatu international has a complete set of meat import solutions, with meat import consignee record qualification.


      Refers to any part of an animal carcass that is edible for human consumption, including ketone bodies, meat, viscera, 

      by-products and products made from such products (other than cooked meat products such as cooked sausages, ham, 

      canned meat and edible high-temperature refined fats)

      List of countries/regions allowed to export meat products to China


      Meat import customs clearance process:


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      When applying for inspection, the enterprise shall submit the following documents:

      1. Pre-write-off form of license (hereinafter referred to as "pre-write-off form")

      2. Automatic import license (code 7)

      3. Original hygiene certificate

      4. Certificate of origin

      5. Copy of return receipt of record information form of overseas exporters and agents

      6. Letter of commitment on imported food safety

      7. Trade contract, letter of credit, invoice, packing list, bill of lading, etc

      8. In case of transit through Hong Kong and Macao, special letters of the Hong Kong and Macao China inspection company shall be examined and approved

      9. Power of attorney for customs declaration and inspection

      1.Meat import customs declaration and outer packaging should be clean, dry, mildew free, odor free, not easy to damage;

      No nails or iron CARDS shall be used in meat import declaration cartons;

      The official meat import declaration mark of the country of origin (region) should be added;

      On the outer packing should be clearly marked in Chinese with the product name, specification, place of origin (specific to state/province/city), production batch number, production date, shelf life, storage temperature, manufacturer registration number and destination, etc. The destination should be indicated as the People's Republic of China.

      2. The internal packaging of meat import declaration shall be made of new non-toxic and harmless materials, and the country of origin, the name of the product, the registration number of the production enterprise and the batch number of the production shall be indicated, and the internal and external packaging information shall be consistent.

      3. There should be no "unfit for human consumption", "industrial use only" or "feed material only" on the package of meat import declaration, indicating that it is not for human consumption.

      Follow-up supervision and administration of meat import declaration

      1. After the completion of the inspection of meat import declaration at the port, the importer shall transfer all the goods sampled or supervised to the designated cold storage of the meat import declaration office as soon as possible.

      At the same time, it is required to log in the "sampling flow system (importer module)" within 24 hours and fill in the warehousing information of relevant products.

      Without special reasons, the importer shall not transfer the sampling batch of meat products into the cold storage not designated under the license.

      2. The importer must report the sales record (15th, 30th) twice a month through the "sampling flow system".

      Sales records shall be truthful and shall be kept for not less than two years.

      If the sampling batch information and sales record are not reported as required, our bureau will stop accepting the application of meat import declaration license.

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