Making sense of the science of cancer with #SciencefromAtoZ

As a company driven by science, we sometimes use social media to help people make sense of the science of cancer. During medical meetings we tweet using #SciencefromAtoZ to provide simple definitions and useful context that help explain the complex scientific language used by experts. With this approach, we aim to help make the valuable scientific conversations at medical meetings and beyond 更多 accessible to the broader cancer community online.

For more than three years, we’ve held discussions with oncologists, researchers and members of the patient community to learn how we can be an upstanding social media citizen. We heard how members of the cancer community use social media to learn from conferences and from each other. These insights help us ensure we are adding value to their discussions when we join the conversation.

In 2017, we responded to criticism of the industry’s online congress practices by pledging to be a better social media citizen. We committed to tweeting less, listening more and phasing out the use of paid tweets to ensure that a range of perspectives are heard online. When we do speak, we look to use our experience translating complex scientific ideas to help bridge the gaps between different audiences with different levels of knowledge. In other words, we should focus on what we do best, explaining our science.


With #SciencefromAtoZ we hope to make scientific knowledge from the conference hall more accessible to everyone. We understand we are not the only voice online, but together we can help more people participate in these valuable conversations.

We invite you to join us: Please share a cancer term or scientific concept that you wish people better understood using the hashtag #SciencefromAtoZ. These collaborations can help build connections between experts and members of the online community who could benefit from their scientific knowledge.


Document ID: Z4-24290

Date of prep: May 2020