At PG&E, nothing is more important than safety. We want you to make safety your main concern, too. Explore the following sections to learn about gas and electricity safety, what we are doing to keep our different energy systems safe and more.


Be prepared during wildfire season电竞外围投注平台推荐

Find information safety information about wildfire prevention, preparedness and support.


Preventing tree-related safety risks电竞外围投注平台推荐

Trees that fall or grow into power lines can cause outages or serious hazards. We provide a broad range of information and services to prevent outages and accidents.


Stay safe during natural disasters电竞外围投注平台推荐

Natural disasters can be devastating. Learn how to protect yourself and your family in an emergency.


Learn 关于 digging and yard safety电竞外围投注平台推荐

Find out how to avoid hitting underground lines. Learn how to trim plants around power lines and find the right tree for the right place.


Mind the lines电竞外围投注平台推荐

Learn the rules for staying safe when working near power lines. Find out how we can help.


Be safe with natural gas电竞外围投注平台推荐

See what PG&E is doing, and learn what you should do.


Understanding hydropower and water safety电竞外围投注平台推荐

Stay safe near dams, reservoirs and other waterways.


Find out how our system works电竞外围投注平台推荐

Learn about our electric, gas, hydroelectric, nuclear power plant and radio frequency systems.


Understanding nuclear safety电竞外围投注平台推荐

Learn about nuclear emergency preparedness.


Find out how to create an emergency plan电竞外围投注平台推荐

Be prepared for emergency events.


Discover other educational resources电竞外围投注平台推荐

View additional educational resources that PG&E provides for students, teachers, parents and others.


Learn 关于 contractor, construction, and agricultural safety电竞外围投注平台推荐

Discover PG&E safety training resources.


Find 资讯rmation on PG&E's Public Safety Demonstration Board Program电竞外围投注平台推荐

Get a free safety demonstration from a professional.


Guard Against Scams电竞外围投注平台推荐

Beware of scammers posing as PG&E to gain access to your property, as well as emails and calls requesting your personal information or attempts to collect payments on behalf of PG&E.