At California Resources Corporation (CRC), we are committed to your career growth, and we offer a wealth of training and development opportunities at all levels and locations. Employee development at CRC is a planned, collaborative process. Employees and managers share responsibility to align individual development needs and career opportunities with CRC’s business requirements and growth targets.


CRC provides access to many in-house and external training and development resources. The company’s development program for early-career professionals is just one example.

CRC provides both instructor-led and e-learning opportunities for personnel development. In the area of technical development, CRC provides a variety of training solutions, including the PetroSkills program for engineers, computer skills, and specific functional skills training. CRC also provides training for supervisors and managers to help them as they lead their teams to attain company objectives.


CRC provides educational assistance to eligible full-time, regular employees who successfully complete pre-approved courses of study that are consistent with the company’s business needs and the employee’s career development. Upon completion of each course of study, employees will be reimbursed for tuition up to approved amounts.