Looking for ways to manage your summer energy bill? When you're on the SmartRate plan, you pay a reduced rate in exchange for minimizing your electricity usage up to 15 days a year. Lower your usage and help conserve California’s energy resources.

SmartRate is voluntary and you can cancel at any time.

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Find out how much your electric rate will be reduced when you're on the plan, what you need to do to save and why SmartRate is risk-free the first summer.


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SmartDays are usually called on especially hot days when electricity demand peaks. See how many SmartDays have been called.


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A little planning goes a long way toward using less energy. You'll find new ways to reduce your electricity usage on SmartDays and on other days of the year, too.


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SmartRate is risk free and backed by our Bill Protection Guarantee.

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You can choose up to four (4) notifications, by phone, email/or text, which will be sent before a SmartDay, allowing participants to plan how to shift or reduce electricity usage on SmartDays. Sign in to choose your notification preferences


This forecast averages temperatures in PG&E's territory, showing the probability of a SmartDay Event. The trigger temperature is currently set at 98°. Learn how to practice many of the great energy savings efforts for a SmartDay.

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