Simply by connecting to others in her profession, she has diversified her crop and increased her profit margins - outperforming others on similar plots nearby.


Two years ago, Irene was trying to diversify her farm by growing green peppers, but time and time again, the seeds refused to germinate. Frustrated and close to giving up, she joined Wefarm and sent an SMS asking for advice.

A fellow farmer quickly responded that green pepper seeds require pre-soaking in water before planting in order to flourish. After following this advice, Irene’s problem was rapidly solved and she now uses Wefarm on a regular basis.

Irene runs a six-acre farm. The income she makes from the small remaining surplus has enabled her to send her children to school, diversify and increase their daily nutrition and increase her confidence in growing new crops.

Irene has also now found a vital source of information for her urgent farming questions.

Over the past two years, she has regularly sought advice from farmers across the region. Thanks to the easily actionable 资讯rmation she has received, Irene has started a ginger garden and expanded the yield of her highest income generating crop – tea. Her pigs are also now fit and healthy, after she learnt how to cure a number of common swine diseases.

Irene is using Wefarm to put power back into her own hands. By combining her own skill and initiative with a huge pool of farmer knowledge, Irene can solve any problem that arises. 简单 by connecting her to others in her profession, she has diversified her yield and increased her profit margins.