After increasing his income through wefarm, he introduced 12 other farmers to Wefarm so they can also access knowledge and insights.


Stanley uses farming to feed his family and to generate income. Some of his biggest challenges include frost, soil erosion and lack of access to new 资讯rmation 关于 inputs, seedlings and disease fighting methods.

With no access to the internet, for a long time Stanley’s only source of 资讯rmation was the extension workers he saw three times a year. A lack of access to 资讯rmation meant his tea yield was lower than it should have been and his banana crop was destroyed by a pest he could not identify.

Stanley joined Wefarm in June 2015 and is an active member. At the time, he knew one of the major problems affecting his tea yield was soil erosion. Using Wefarm, he learned how to solve this problem through a combination of terracing, mulching and contour planting. He has also learned 关于 the importance of fertilizer application rates from other farmers.

As his confidence grew, a farmer suggested he try farming purple tea. He is now the only farmer in his area who grows this particular strain of tea, meaning he gets a much higher price for his harvest at the local market.

Stanley says that Wefarm has improved his farm, his confidence and his income. He strongly believes that 资讯rmation from other farmers is valuable because they have the most experience and practical knowledge. He has introduced twelve other farmers to Wefarm so that they too can save time and make 更多 money.