About poyang lake

      For thousands of years, poyang county people and poyang lake has formed an indissoluble bond, people's blood vessels are soaked in poyang lake's history and culture. Millions of poyang people for a long time to cast nets fishing, to the lake for a living; Build house lakeside, take the lake as the 主页; Returning farmland to the lake, to the lake for friends; In flood fighting and rescue, the lake was the enemy. In the thousands of years of shipping history, poyang's rise and fall is closely related to poyang lake, there is blood, tears and laughter. In the water transport is very prosperous, poyang rich, can be said to be one of the most fertile counties in the south of the Yangtze river, rau state is the fertile state. However, with the rise of roads, railways, the decline of water transport, poyang after the pain, lost the original location advantage. In the course of poyang's rise and decline, four cultures have gradually formed and become the most typical poyang lake culture.


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