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      Publisher: Release time:2019-09-24 Viewer:1400

      On April 28, 2019, Zhang Kaiyuan, Founder and Chief Technical Expert of Beijing SPC Environment Protection Tech Co., Ltd. (SPC), together with the core management team, visited Chengdu to attend the major cooperation signing ceremony with Sichuan Development Holding Co., Ltd. (SDH). Wang Fengchao, Secretary of the Party Committee and President of SDH, attended and addressed the meeting. Li Wenqing, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee, Vice President and General Manager of SDH and the leadership attended the meeting and witnessed the signing ceremony. 

      The Agreement on Transferring Shares of Beijing SPC Environment Protection Tech Co., Ltd. was signed between Li Shun, President of Sichuan Development Guorun Environmental Investment Co., Ltd. (SDGEI) and Zhang Zheng, Executive Director and General Manager of Beijing Century Dihe Holdings Limited (BCDH). According to the Agreement, SDGEI is the transferee of 273,670,000 shares (25.31% of total shares) of a listed company owned by BCDH. After the share transfer, SDGEI will hold 25.31% of total shares of the listed company, making the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission (SASAC) of Sichuan Province the actual holder of SPC. 

      In the speech, Wang Fengchao, Secretary of the Party Committee and President of SDH, stated that the intention of cooperation between SDH and SPC originated from the highly consistent ideas of environmental protection and green development. A good beginning is half of the success. Hopefully that, taking the cooperative signing as a golden opportunity, the parties would give full play to their advantages in talents, technologies, resources, capitals and platforms, pay close attention to the market and depend on the proposed project to develop comprehensive and diversified strategic cooperation relationship; with cooperative modes being continuously innovated and cooperative channels and areas being further expanded, deepened and practical cooperation would be expected for the parties to achieve win-wins and realize their common strategic goals. 

      Zhang Kaiyuan, Chief Technical Expert of SPC mentioned in his address that the cooperation fully demonstrated mutual trust, support and complementation. With enhanced guarantee and management of the development platform in Sichuan, SPC would be fully prepared for and achieve new fruits in fields of energy conservation, environmental protection and diversified utilization of resources to pay back to the society and the shareholders. 

      In January 2009, Sichuan Development Holding Co., Ltd. (SDH) was founded by Sichuan People’s Government with a registered capital of RMB 80 billion. Up till now, SDH has had more than a trillion’s total assets and is praised as the “aircraft carrier” of comprehensive industrial investment and financial platforms in Sichuan Province. For the moment, SDH is under the direct supervision of SASAC of Sichuan Province. As a sole-purpose investment and financing platform, SDH holds share equities of 22 large-sized state-owned enterprises and has more than 600 enterprises included into its system. SDH, based on state-owned capital operations and focusing on financial services, has developed into a state-owned capital operation platform which integrates functions of financial holding, guidance for industrial investment and enterprise reform & development. Currently, its businesses have covered the following major business sectors: modern financial services, strategic emerging industries, infrastructures and real estate, advantageous industries, modern service sector and international businesses. Guorun Environmental Investment Co., Ltd. (GEI) is a subsidiary of SDH, which was founded in December 2013 as a major platform for environmental control-related industrial investment activities of Sichuan Province. GEI is mainly engaged in water supply & drainage services, treatment of domestic wastes, disposal of organic and hazardous wastes, soil restoration, treatment of polluting water bodies and polluted river basins, etc. Its environmental services have covered the entire industry chain from planning to design, consulting, technical service, equipment sales, investment, construction and operation. SPC, as a comprehensive service provider that is specialized in atmospheric environment control, focusing on desulfurization and dedusting of industrial flue gas and integrating the roles of investor, researcher, designer, constructor and operator, is a perfect counterpart to GEI in business. The “marriage” between SPC and SDH is a good example of mutual complementation and resources sharing between private and state-owned capitals, which can create coordination between the parties in brand promotion, finance, technology, channel, client and supplier provision. Businesses are expected to further expand and SPC will soar to great heights!

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