Best free eCommerce website builder in 2018

//Best free eCommerce website builder in 2018

Best free eCommerce website builder in 2018

2017 is finally over and with the coming of the New Year, many people are tempted to start realizing their ideas. For instance, there are many people who want to launch an eCommerce website. This is not something unusual because we are reading about success stories related to this type of websites almost on a daily basis. People have figured out that this is one of the best options they have if they want to make money with a relatively small investment. However, many of them are afraid to start a venture like this because they have almost zero tech knowledge.

In case you belong to this group of people, you should be aware that there is some completely free eCommerce website builder options that you can use regardless of your knowledge. Most of them are built in a way that suits the skills and knowledge of complete beginners. Now, check this list of best free eCommerce website builder solutions that you can use this 2018.


Weebly is one of the oldest website builders in the world. This is actually a platform that allows you to host an eCommerce website, but only under their domain. In other words, your store will end with In addition, they will put ads on the store and the disk space comes with a limit – 500 MB. What’s good is that you will get decent support and a website builder that is very easy to use. Every sale you make via Weebly comes with a fee.


Another solution that is getting quite popular these days is Ecwid. This builder helps people import their online stores into completely different sites. With Ecwid, you will get free hosting and you can use it for free forever. However, you can offer only ten products through this platform.


PrestaShop is probably the most sophisticated option on this list. It provides self-hosting and cloud hosting options and doesn’t charge any fees. Additionally, website owners can add as many products as they want. It is up to the user to select a subdomain, but they can always buy and use their own, unique domain. Don’t forget that the options you get with the self-hosted solution are different compared to the cloud-hosted solution. Analyze them both and choose the option that suits your needs the most.

These are some of the many free eCommerce website builders out there.

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