Beijing YaTu International Logistics Co., Ltd. is a modern integrated service company approved by the Beijing Administration of Commerce and Industry, the Ministry of Commerce and the General Administration of Customs with professional international logistics experience and relevant qualifications. The company has the strengths and qualifications of businesses such as international logistics and transportation, customs declaration and inspection, warehousing, packaging and distribution. Adhering to the "Excellence, Innovation, Efficiency, Convenience and Safety" service concepts and "home-oriented" corporate culture, our company has professional international logistics operation and management team which is familiar with customs regulations as well as related operational process. Therefore, the company has rich experience in customs clearance.

      YaTu International is committed to the development of full-service import and export international logistics booking agent services. The company focuses on import and export trade agents, declaration and inspection, international air transport, maritime transport and designated logistics projects. Based on the business of international air route agent, YaTu International integrates shipping, air freight and land transport agents with other high-quality service providers in the industry. It is streamlined and standardized through the company's third-party services and the quality control system of customs clearance. We provide exquisite service products for international trade customers: import and export trade agency, optimization for enterprise's logistics program, import air transport, import customs clearance(import inspection and quarantine agency) and import and export shipping; returning and repairing goods, temporary import and export, transit and other customs declaration services; bonded warehousing, packaging delivery services, international trade consulting and other professional services, providing one-stop professional logistics solutions. At the same time, our company has established a contact network with overseas agents through <<FREIGHTNET>>, <<MTG>>, <<WCA>> and other international freight forwarding alliances to ensure the global synchronization of cargo information and the feedback timeliness of customer information. In addition, YaTu has good cooperative relations with major airlines, shipping companies, ground service stations, transportation fleets and warehouses, providing customers with customs declaration, warehousing and distribution, international freight and foreign customs clearance "one-stop" services. With solid cooperation platform and quality of service, the company can serve you with the best and most efficient transport solutions as well as the safest and most convenient service. Skilled operations are able to meet your various needs, which will make your goods safer and shipped faster. All our efforts aim to let your import and export trade business run smoothly. 

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