Preventing tree-related safety riskslol投注平台

Trees that fall or grow into power lines can cause outages or serious hazards. We provide property owners and professional tree workers with a broad range of information and services to prevent outages and accidents.


Tree safety programslol投注平台

From avoiding power lines when pruning to calling 811 before digging, follow these easy steps to prevent outages and accidents.


Enhanced wildfire safety measureslol投注平台

We're expanding and accelerating our vegetation and safety work.



The tree work we do throughout our service area helps prevent tree-related outages and injuries. Find out the steps we take when pruning trees and managing their debris near you.

Visit tree work near distribution lines
Visit tree work near transmission lines
Download Tree Work Near Power Poles (PDF, 922 KB)

Get your questions answeredlol投注平台

How do we notify you if a tree needs to be pruned or removed? Who handles the clean up? Which trees are least likely to grow into power lines?


Laws and regulationslol投注平台

We are required to keep areas near power lines clear. Read up on the laws and regulations that govern our Vegetation Management Program. See new Fire Safety Regulations and vegetation clearances.


Transmission vs. distribution lineslol投注平台

Find out the difference between the two types of power lines and why it matters to you.


Partners in your communitylol投注平台

Throughout neighborhoods and towns, we sponsor events and provide education about tree and power line safety.



Selecting the right trees and shrubs is very Important when planting near power lines. Planting the right tree in the right place promotes safety, reduces power outages and adds beauty to your community.

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