As Vice President of Cardiovascular, I am responsible for developing the global strategy for the cardiovascular 文件夹. My role is to ensure that the strategies for our approved medicines are delivered to our local 团队s. I am also responsible for the overall strategy of our CV therapies and how we bring these medicines to patients worldwide.  

I really enjoy my job, because I believe in the things we do as a company. I am convinced we provide value to patients, and that we are changing how healthcare systems work, taking a broader view of this and becoming a clear, trusted partner of healthcare authorities and professionals.

My background is very different from many of my colleagues. After receiving a Master of Science degree from Universidad Francisco Marroquín in Guatemala, I began a career in marketing, working for Microsoft and Procter and Gamble in Mexico, and then operating as a start-up development consultant. A family work move took me to Europe and I decided to study for an MBA at INSEAD Business School in France. This is when AstraZeneca approached me to join the company.

At that time, the pharmaceutical industry was changing drastically; it was trying to have a different kind of relationship with physicians – a 更多 science-oriented approach focused on building together for the benefit of the patient. Up to that point, I had never considered the pharmaceutical industry, but when I understood 更多 关于 the challenges it was experiencing, I was excited to come on board.

I joined AstraZeneca Spain in 2010, as Regional Business Director, and later progressed to Brand Lead and then as Business Unit Director. As a leader, I was passionate 关于 revamping my 团队 with new talent and expertise and promoting cross-functional collaboration.

In 2016, I was appointed Business Unit Director for cardiovascular and metabolism in Spain, and shortly after that I joined the AstraZeneca global team in Cambridge focusing on developing the global strategy for one of our most important medicines.

The learning from such an interesting group of professionals – from different countries and regions – is incredible

Rodrigo Gribble Escobar Vice President, Cardiovascular

I love the people who work here, the organisation and the culture. The learning from such an interesting group of professionals, from different countries and regions, is incredible. Ensuring the development of my team is extremely important to me – working with them to be successful and grow, and to find the right path and opportunities.

I believe in learning from different industries and roles and bringing that cross-experience into another sector – every role I have done enriches that experience and helps connect those dots.

I really love the company and the people who work here. And I enjoy ensuring the development of my 团队, working with them to be successful and developing the people, the organisation and the culture

Rodrigo Gribble Escobar Vice President, Cardiovascular

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