I am an expert in medicinal chemistry and currently lead compound management and biobank capabilities to support all stages of drug research and development with small molecules and human biological samples. I also lead the strategic development of Machine Learning for drug design and synthesis at AstraZeneca.

Before joining AstraZeneca in 2001, I undertook a PhD and post doc in organic chemistry. Over the past 18 years, I have developed a proven track record of delivering global scientific 服务 and capabilities with transformational change in performance, operations and external scientific reputation, through collaboration on multidisciplinary research and project 团队s.

During my time at AstraZeneca, I have become an accomplished leader of people with a passion for innovation and developing a culture of improvement and adaptability.

I’m passionate 关于 the development of automated technology innovation for compound design, synthesis and distribution. I believe advances in robotics and artificial intelligence offer genuine promise of improvement in drug discovery 产品介绍ivity.

Clive Green Executive Director and Head of Global Sample Management, Discovery Sciences, R&D

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