And Wefarm is building a platform for these 1 billion farmers

Over 1 billion smallholder farmers produce 70% of the world's food, and four of the five most traded commodities on earth, yet the vast majority lack access to the internet and even basic 资讯rmation to help them solve problems or share ideas.

No one has built a platform for these farmers. Until Wefarm.

Wefarm is al阅读y the world’s largest farmer-to-farmer digital network, with 更多 than 1 million farmers using our ecosystem in Kenya and Uganda alone. Our farmers share 更多 than 40,000 questions and answers every day.

Farmers connect with one another to solve problems, share ideas, and sp阅读 innovation, for free, and without needing an internet connection (Wefarm works even through SMS). Utilising the latest machine learning technology, Wefarm’s service gets bespoke, crowd- sourced 资讯rmation to help farmers increase yields, gain insight into pricing, tackle the effects of climate change, source the best quality seeds, fertiliser, and loans and diversify their agricultural interests.

With the smallholder global agricultural market valued at over 400 billion USD, our vision is to create a digital online/ offline ecosystem for global smallholder agriculture.




Wefarm is a global scalable technology startup doing cutting edge work on machine learning, but with a social mission at the heart of everything we do. As the world's first large-scale peer-to-peer network for offline communities, we believe farmers have knowledge that should be shared and celebrated. Through enabling smallholders a chance to connect with others and share insights, resources and support, we believe Wefarm’s network has the power to create a new global ecosystem for agriculture.





资讯rmation can improve livelihoods. With knowledge gained on Wefarm, smallholder farmers can improve crop yield, solve diseases, create new irrigation systems, find better markets and much 更多.

Peer to peer knowledge transfer is at the heart of our model. We believe that farmers have a huge amount of relevant experience and knowledge to share. Wefarm uses smart technology to identify 1 farmer out of 1,000,000 with a question… and match him or her with the 1 farmer out of 1,000,000 who has an answer.


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Our vision is to create an ecosystem for global smallholder agriculture, connecting farmers to the information, agricultural inputs, goods, services, and ultimately markets they want. We seek to do all this with the farmer’s needs at the centre of our model.


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At Wefarm, we embed our mission into the heart of what we do, and then concentrate on building a great startup and scalable business. We believe that having a purpose will only help us to serve the farmer better, enabling us to become a highly profitable company.