She has been rated a Five-Star user due to the level of helpful activity and her strong expertise. This rating has enabled her to have more confidence in her farming decisions and her own voice.


Joyce began farming to feed her family. As well as caring for her eight children, Joyce also tends to her farm. She has faced many challenges – particularly due to the unpredictability of the rains. Once she lost one of her cows to drought while conversely, sometimes too much rain destroys her crops.

After hearing an advert on the radio, Joyce joined Wefarm in September 2015 and is proud to be part of the service. She particularly loves answering questions and playing a vital role to other farmers.

If she ever doesn’t know the answer to a question she receives, she asks her neighbours, husband and children. If they can’t help, she asks the same question herself on Wefarm. So Joyce even uses the questions she receives as a tool to learn 更多 关于 farming!

Because Joyce answers questions so effectively, the machine learning algorithms on our system have rated her as a five star user. It is these algorithms which make Wefarm so unique, as they identify the farmers best placed to respond to each question we receive. As Joyce is identified by these algorithms as an expert in maize, cattle, plants, onions and goats, she (and other expert users) receive questions exclusively on these topics.

She also uses regularly Wefarm in two different languages - Swahili and English. We’re the first people in the world building NLP libraries in languages like Swahili (and also Ugandan languages - Runkakore and Luganda). We do this to breakdown communication barriers among smallholder farmers, so they all can share learnings across languages and geographies.