The idea that would become Wefarm was originally created by Kenny Ewan, Claire Rhodes and Jim Rhodes, and was developed as a pilot project from within the Cafedirect Producers’ Foundation (now called Producers Direct) – a UK-registered charity that works with smallholder farmers and their organisations across Africa, Latin America and Asia.

The successful pilots helped Wefarm to win the 2014 Google Impact Challenge Award and with it the funding to enable it launch as an independant, mission driven start-up, with Producers Direct maintaining a shareholding in the company.

Wefarm’s CEO, Kenny Ewan, spent many years designing sustainable engineering projects in Latin America, mostly in isolated, rural communities. He saw, first-hand, both the frequent disconnect between large NGO projects and the real needs of local communities, and the type of incredible grassroots innovations these communities created to solve daily problems.

Wefarm was launched to bring knowledge-sharing 服务 to smallholder farmers to encourage improved agricultural 产品介绍ivity. Once conceptualised, Wefarm developed its service offering, design and 资讯rmation architecture in conjunction with farmers in Peru, Kenya and Tanzania. This collaborative process enabled Wefarm to develop a service that is directly relevant for and resonates with our users.