The dedicated men and women of California Resources Corporation (CRC) are committed to helping our state and its diverse communities achieve and sustain a vibrant and inclusive future for generations to come. California’s future success will depend, first and foremost, on meeting the social, economic and energy needs of all residents – particularly those in disadvantaged communities that have not shared equally in the prosperity of some coastal communities. To meet the long-term goals of California and CRC, this success must be accompanied by continued improvements in environmental quality and by greater resiliency of our energy supply and society to withstand natural and human-caused disruptions.

CRC strongly believes that California can meet both the pressing social and economic needs of working families and its ambitious environmental goals by replacing our state’s chronic dependence on imported energy with affordable, reliable and secure local 产品介绍ion of a diverse mix of oil, natural gas and renewables. California oil and natural gas is produced under the world’s most stringent safety, labor, human rights and environmental standards, and their affordability and reliability complement renewable energy. Unfortunately, Californians set a record for dependence on imported energy in 2017, obtaining 72 percent of their crude oil demand by supertanker from places around the world that do not apply California standards. By increasing energy self-sufficiency from a mix of local oil, natural gas and renewable 产品介绍ion, Californians will benefit directly through:

  • In-state careers, investments, technology and tax revenues that Californians are currently subsidizing in foreign countries
  • Reduced global emissions of greenhouse gases and other compounds
  • Reduced vulnerability to global turmoil, price spikes, transportation accidents and natural disasters.

Our goal is to grow in tandem with our communities by providing ample, affordable and reliable energy that allows Californians to thrive. CRC’s Board of Directors has established three key principles that we apply through our Community Outreach and Health, Safety and Environmental (HSE) programs:

  • Safeguard people and the environment in the design, operation and maintenance of our facilities
  • Engage proactively with neighbors, regulators and other stakeholders to serve as an active and supportive community partner
  • Promote conservation of water, habitat and energy in all of our operations.

To track our performance, CRC’s Board of Directors has adopted three annual HSE metrics – for safety, spill prevention and water conservation – that directly affect incentive compensation of our employees. These metrics are described in more detail in the relevant pages in this tab as well as the HSE Management System Summary and CRC’s Proxy Statement.

CRC’s Board has also adopted four 2030 Sustainability Goals focused on water conservation, renewables integration, methane emission reduction, and carbon capture and sequestration to incorporate into our life-of-field planning. Our 2018 Sustainability Report provides 详细 关于 our sustainability strategy, goals and performance.


Key policies and documents regarding our HSE and Sustainability programs are available below.

HSE Excerpt of CRC’s Business Ethics and Corporate Policies (PDF)
HSE Management System Summary (PDF)
2030 Sustainability Goals 资讯graphic
2018 Sustainability Report (PDF)


In 2017, CRC requested an independent third party, First Carbon Solutions, a subsidiary of ADEC Innovations, to assess the conformance of CRC’s HSE standards and programs with international best practices.  Their report is available below.

Third Party Review of CRC’s HSE Management System (PDF)