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      Seven reasons why children need an educationlol外围投注官网

      10 February 2020

      Work experience student, Rose Huguet, outlines why education is so vital, and how Farm Africa’s work helps 更多 children to attend school by enabling their parents to earn 更多 money for their crops.

      Meeting formidable female farming cooperatives in Ugandalol外围投注官网

      09 January 2020

      Sarah Louise Fairburn and other food industry leaders braved our Thousand Trees Challenge in October. She tells us 关于 her experience working with formidable female cooperatives in Uganda.

      Small seeds go a long way in northern Ugandalol外围投注官网

      03 December 2019

      In Lira, northern Uganda, too many farmers are struggling to afford basic necessities like food, healthcare and even a safe 主页 for their children. But change is around the corner, and it can start with a small seed.

      Could youth be the missing link to Kenyan food security?lol外围投注官网

      21 November 2019

      Action to empower Kenya’s young people to gain access to the land and finance they need to engage in agriculture is key to underpinning food security, a major component of the government’s Big 4 Agenda.

      How African farmers are taking climate actionlol外围投注官网

      20 September 2019

      African farmers are on the frontlines of climate change, but with the appropriate support, they could emerge as climate change heroes.

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