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      In September 1958, local state-owned Rudong Farm Implements Machinery, the former organization of Jiangsu Rutong Petro-Machinery Co., Ltd. was established. At the beginning of establishment, there were few poor and low-rise work商城s with farm implements as 产品介绍s.

      In 1960, we successfully produced the first tug boat of our county, named "Rudong No. 1 Tug Boat".

      In 1970, with supports from former Ministry of Petroleum Industry and former Ministry of Machinery Industry,  manual tools for petroleum drilling, such as  manual tong and slip, were developed. 1979 is the first glorious time when our company was rewarded as Daqing-type Company by Jiangsu Provincial Party Committee and became the model of machinery industry in county.

      In 1983, our company newly constructed casting work商城 covering 3,000 square meters and purchased power-frequency furnace with 1.5 tons with self-raised funds. Besides, our company achieved output of 更多 than 4 million yuan this year.

      In May 18, 1993, our company became the first county-owned company to reorganize.

      In May 18, 2002, our company carried out the reorganization meaning “exit of public sector and introduction of private sector” to be a brand-new private company.

      In May 18, 2004, our company activated the first-stage project of “withdrawing from city and entering into district”, completed the project and put into operation in 2005.

      In 2006, our company achieved historic breakthrough and ranked as one of the companies with one hundred million yuan for the first time.

      In 2008, our company realized the output and sales volume of 更多 than 300 million yuan and also met the 50th anniversary to well embody the spirit of “Rutong 团队” to customers from 主页 and abroad and all walks of life with great response.

      In February 2010, the second-stage project of “withdrawing from city and entering into district” for upgrade and transformation of casting was activated and put into operation in July 2011.

      In December 2011, shareholding transformation was carried out according to requirements for corporate development and renamed as “Jiangsu Rutong Petro-Machinery Co., Ltd.”.

      In October 18, 2012, the postgraduate workstation of Jiangsu Province collaborated with Xi’an Shiyou University was launched.

      In November 18, 2013, the “Corporate Academician Workstation of Jiangsu Province” collaborated with Wuhan University of Science and Technology was launched.


      Jiangsu Rutong Petro-Machinery Co ., LTD., engaged in oil drilling wellhead equipment research and development, production and sales of major products as lifting equipment, card equipment and spinner. Is the earliest engaged in oil drilling wellhead equipment production and sales of one of the enterprises, China's petroleum and petrochemical equipment manufacturing industry "top 50" enterprise, jiangsu province high-tech enterprises, innovative enterprises in jiangsu province, jiangsu province academician workstation and provincial enterprise technology center.

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