You’re in a great place — you’re just beginning your career, have many options, and can move in any number of directions. Finding the right job is important, and it’s really 关于 finding the right fit. When you walk through our doors on Day One, we want you to know that you made the right decision — for you and for us.

Achieving profitable growth and financial stability are at the core of California Resources Corporation (CRC), and we work hard to create value for partners and shareholder. We are equally focused on your career growth — giving you the opportunity to grow with CRC both personally and professionally.

In addition to our company’s financial success and your personal development, we value safety, the environment, personal accountability, strong corporate citizenship, and a culture that facilitates making the right decisions at the right time.


University recruiting events are a great opportunity to apply to work at CRC, both during school and as you approach graduation. CRC recruits top talent for intern and full-time positions at a variety of colleges and universities each year during the fall season. Whether you’re starting a career in engineering or business, there’s an opportunity for you at California Resources Corporation.

For additional details for on-campus events, please visit your university career center. If we don’t make it to your university, please check our Available Positions.