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If you are looking for a way to take your business to the next level, look no further as ecommerce solution Shopify is the best solution for online businesses of every size. Read more!

Have you heard about Shopify? Shopify is quickly becoming one of the most popular and biggest e-commerce platforms in the world. Shopify is a Canadian company, with headquarters in the Ottawa and according to the research, it has already processed more than $5B in sales, and we are talking about the last quarter. According to these numbers, we can conclude that Shopify ecommerce website is a pretty popular platform and surely is also a smart choice for your type of business.

The company is founded in 2004 and today it has more than 500.000 merchants that use the platform to sell their items. In 2015, the company was listed publicly and has immediately reached more than $10B market cap. This proves how stable and powerful this platform is. Shopify is used primarily in English-speaking markets such as Canada, Australia, UK, New Zealand, and the US making up the biggest segments of their potential customer base.

What is so special about this platform?

What Shopify provides their customers?

Most of the merchants that sell on Shopify are small retailers running businesses with less than 10 employees. The platform offers them an easy way to improve online sales, including everything from their marketing efforts to online storefront, inventory tracking, shipping logistics, billing management, and much more. As soon as the merchant creates an account on Shopify and signs up online, they can go through the fully automated sales and start the process of selling directly, helping them get set up their online business in just a few clicks. One of the best things about Shopify is that offers a 14-day free trial (you will receive the free trial, if you decide to sign up). All merchants can use Shopify to grow their own businesses (regardless of the types of businesses they are running). The various offerings that Shopify offers make it easy for them to continue using this ecommerce platform as they improve their business and scale up. The company’s blog and their different resources provide merchants with a wealth of experience, knowledge and helpful information to help them make better decisions related to their businesses.

Ecommerce solution Shopify is a great choice, especially for businesses that are just starting out, selling through an existing website, selling on social media channels, selling in person, and etc. The company also caters to larger types of businesses. It can be focused on merchants that are selling large selection of items.

We are talking about the Shopify Plus solution which can be customized through API or application program interface. The onboarding teams and enterprise sales in Canada serve over 2.000 large businesses, such as Death Wish Coffee, Tesla, and others. All of these businesses use Shopify Plus.

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Why ecommerce solution Shopify is a great opportunity for your business?

The truth is that there are lots of ecommerce solutions on the market, however, Shopify is without a doubt one of the best choices for you. So, why Shopify is a great opportunity for your business? There are a few reasons for this:

Shopify is focused on growth

Shopify is focused on engagement

It is a valuable ecommerce platform

Shopify merchants all over the world are able to take a full advantage of the various offerings of the service in order to fit their business’s specific needs and requirements from start to finish.